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Despite all the progress made, our world today continues to be challenged by HIV/AIDS. Around 2014 there was the first wave of children born with HIV growing up into adolescence. This was due to incredible progress made in paediatric HIV programmes, from early infant diagnosis, child friendly treatments and care. At the same time, UNAIDS released data saying that AIDS had emerged as the 2nd top killer of adolescents worldwide and the number 1 killer in Africa. With treatment access and retention in care lower among adolescent and young people then in older age groups. This was an alarming realization that this age group would require immediate renewed focus and attention.

Understanding that ending AIDS would require more than just strong organizational synergies, but also a youth-lead response was the catalyst needed for the establishment of the Adolescent HIV Treatment Coalition (ATC) in 2014. The ATC is a diverse community united in its advocacy for supporting youth leadership and making quality treatment and care available for all adolescents living with HIV.

2021 - 2023

The Adolescent HIV Treatment Coalition 2021-2023 Strategy bolder, brighter and stronger! Bring together youth-led and youth-serving organisations and break down all barriers to effective and meaningful youth engagement, participation and leadership.

Click here to read the full Strategy.

Meet the Team

The ATC brings together a wide range of stakeholders, from global networks of young people living with HIV (YPLHIV), youth lead and serving organizations, community-based organizations, researchers, and advocacy networks working together to address the gaps in HIV treatment and care for adolescent and young people. The ATC is managed by a coordinator guided by a Chair and Vice-Chair with support from external Communications consultant.


Julian Kerboghossian

ATC Coordinator

Global youth advocate and activist with a focus on HIV and AIDS and gender and sexual reproductive health and rights.


Yevette Fleming

ATC Chair. Director

Partnerships and Programmes at Paediatric AIDS Treatment for Africa.


Tanaka Chirombo

ATC Vice–Chair.

HIV/AIDS Facilitator and Health Rights Advocate, board member representing eastern and southern Africa at Y+ Global.  


Angelita Silva

ATC Marketing & Communications Consultant

Artist, entrepreneur and human rights advocate.


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